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Posted on 11 April 2010 by rkeytex

We asked some smart people to take a look at “Green$ense for the Home” and give their thoughts on the book. Here is what they said:

“Desiring an efficient, healthy living environment is one thing. Finding the best cost effective ways of achieving that desire is another entirely. That is why it is so wonderful to have this insightful book to guide through the dreaming, designing and building process of a green home.”

- Michelle Kaufmann
Author of Prefab Green

“Green$ense is one of the few sources of practical, actionable ideas firmly grounded in sustainability theory and practice. With this book, everyone can quickly make clear changes and chart a course for even greater savings, health, and happiness in the near and further future.”

- Nathan Shedroff
Author, Design is the Problem
Program Chair, MBA in Design Strategy, California College of the Arts

“Too often discussions about greening our homes run in polar opposites between proponents of going green at any cost and those who are only interested in cost, while most of us are in the middle ground somewhere between these extremes. In “Green$ense” Eric Corey Freed and Kevin Daum have struck just the right balance between environmental and financial considerations, telling both sides of the story for 50 different home projects. This book of practical solutions will help a great many homeowners green their homes without busting their budget.”

- Glenn Croston
Author of “75 Green Businesses”
Founder of Starting Up Green

“So many Americans are interested in saving money on their utilities but don’t know where to start. Two major obstacles to so many projects are money and know-how. Freed and Daum overcome both with easy how-to advice and clear financial analysis that makes greening projects accessible to everyone. This is a really fantastic tool for homeowners, property managers, and remodeling contractors.”

- Scott Cooney
Author of Build a Green Small Business: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur

“If creating a greener world begins at home, Freed and Daum provide a valuable and readable roadmap that shows the way. Green$ense strikes a balance between sustainable design, healthy buildings, and affordable costs, leading to homes that aren’t just greener, but better.”

- Joel Makower
Executive Editor,
Author, “Strategies for the Green Economy”

But don’t just listen to a bunch of experts. Order your copy today!

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