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Posted on 04 March 2010 by rkeytex

Kevin Daum is an author, marketer, and Inc. 500 entrepreneur. Kevin’s sales and marketing approach resulted in more than $1 Billion in sales with a 95 percent pull through rate. Combining 25 years of experience in theatre, finance and marketing (An odd but effective combination) Kevin has used his expertise and writing to help individuals build their dream homes, manage the financial aspects of going Green and communicate effectively to reach their goals in business and life.

Kevin is the National Columnist for Smart Business Magazine and has authored several books including What the Banks Won’t Tell You (Grady Parsons) Building Your Own Home For Dummies (Wiley) Green$ense For the Home: Rating the Real Payoff on 50 Green Home Projects (Taunton) and his latest, destined for the New York Times Best Seller list is ROAR! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle. (Wiley)

Kevin has built multiple businesses including Stratford Financial Services, an Inc. 500 company, Mystery is Served, an entertainment company and most recently TAE International which helps companies provide customers The Awesome Experience by mastering Compelling Messaging, Intentional Marketing and Memorable Delivery.

Kevin consults to numerous companies and non-profit organizations and speaks regularly in the areas of customer experience, creativity, strategy and execution. He also coaches executives in areas of book development and expert building. His most recent book proposals went from concept to contract in a few short months with major trade publishers.

Marketing and sales, Kevin believes, is a special form of theatre. Drawing upon a degree in Theatre Arts and involvement in more than 150 theatre productions, Kevin is changing the way corporations look at the arts as a training ground for business and entrepreneurship. As head of Business Development for Americans For the Arts’ Creativity Connection, he facilitated unique arts-based-learning programs to Fortune 500 companies. Kevin has been instrumental in the development of interdisciplinary arts and entrepreneurship curriculum at Baylor University. He has published several articles on marketing and the managerial relationship between the arts and entrepreneurship.

Kevin is a graduate of the MIT Entrepreneurial Executive Leadership program and a longtime member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization where he has held several board positions. Kevin has designed, produced and led award winning executive training programs and events for C-level executives and entrepreneurs on 4 continents. Kevin was named one of the 40 people under 40 to watch in the San Francisco Bay Area and was recently named Distinguished Alum of the Year by his alma mater, Humboldt State University.

Contact him today to find out how he can help you build and retain customers.

KEVIN’S WEBSITE: http://www.kevindaum.com

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